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‘The Gateway to India,’ ‘The City that Never Sleeps,’ ‘India’s Financial Capital,’ and ‘The Maximum City,’ are just some of the epithets that are used to capture the essence of a city that over 20 million people call home. AVID celebrates this affluence of culture through its series like Multipolis Mumbai and Uncovering Urban Legacies. On one hand, we explore the distinct and diverse aspects of what makes Mumbai unique, on the other hand, we look at the different diasporas and communities that geographically, socially, and economically shaped the culture of the city. We believe in the importance of arts for social change and we regularly offer our support and platform for social advocacy. Cultural diplomacy is another important element of work philosophy. We partner with diplomatic bodies and consular presences in the city to bring the best of all cultures to Mumbai. 

Beyond Tomorrow: Shaping Kerala's Cultural Creative Economy
Sat, 20th Jul 2024
to Sun, 21st Jul 2024

From 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (IST)
Le Méridien, Nettoor, Maradu, Kochi, Kerala

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