Beyond Contemporary Art

Beyond Contemporary Art (BCA) was developed in 2015 as a three-part forward-looking, thought leadership series that offered a rounded view of where contemporary art is headed; it unveiled the emerging image of the art world through the changing roles and dynamics of the four main stakeholders: the artist, the curator, the institution, and the viewer. The first iteration examined new movements in artistic production systems and practices. The series encored with a second season in 2016 where we continued to push the boundaries beyond the primary infrastructures and mine deeper into the psyches and microcosms of the art world. The third season covered a series of discussions that examined art-making in today’s world of exploding media boundaries, climate change, political upheaval and scientific and technological innovation. The discussions were moderated by convened by one of India's most prolific Art Critics, Curator and Cultural Theorist, Ranjit Hoskote. 

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