Multipolis Mumbai

Multipolis Mumbai is a series that decodes the past while looking to the future and finding novel ways of engaging, interacting with and reenergizing the city that we love! The original nine-part series, which began in 2012, examined how Architecture, Music, Food, Theatre, Fashion, Environment, Literature, Innovation, and Film influenced and were influenced by the city. Our second iteration of this series, which began in 2017, attempts to renegotiate larger perspectives on the city, dig deeper and capture its essence and changing rhythms and nuances. In this second round, we plumbed new depths and unearthed more fascinating nuggets about our ever-surprising Mumbai! On our journey, we have explored how entities like businesses and brands, architects, historians and designers, artists and poets, women writers and female theatre stalwarts have influenced our city. We have also explored how art, technology and gaming, wildlife activism, philanthropy and maritime culture and emergent urban subcultures have played a role in enriching Mumbai’s cultural fabric. We have also held workshops that looked more closely at iconic Mumbai architecture – namely Art Deco, Indo-Saracenic and Victorian Gothic. The series features close to 50 in-person discussions on the Maximum City! 

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