Art and Aesthetics of Black and White Photography

Films and Photography
Workshops / Masterclass
Saturday, 19th December 2020
From 3:42pm to 6:30pm (IST)


Himanshuu Sheth Photosafaaris and Avid Learning present Art and Aesthetics of Black and White Photography – an illuminating live masterclass with Photographer Himanshuu Chandrakant Sheth who will delve into the various techniques and creative approaches specific to black and white photography. Drawing on his vast experience in the field – across portraiture, lifestyle and fashion photography – Himanshuu will examine the fundamentals, as well as the finer creative and artistic nuances involved in capturing that perfect monochrome shot. This session will also look at the mutable nature of black and white photography – how it can be adapted for variable lighting conditions and for a wide range of photographic genres – from landscape and portraits to architecture, street and still life. Himanshuu will also examine the aesthetic significance of such photographs and probe the many artistic elements involved from composition to post-production and share some useful tips and tricks for aspiring photographers in this realm.


Masterclass Highlights Include:

 ·         Fundamentals of Black and White Photography – Learning to see in Mono + Identifying subjects

·         Tips for Composition, Framing and Lighting

·         Developing monochromatic artistic vision

·         Understanding technicalities such as texture and tonal contrast

·         Understanding the visual elements of shape and form

·         Examining the mutable nature of black and white photography

 Join us as we learn how to capture our vibrant world in monochrome!

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Himanshuu Chandrakant Sheth

Himanshuu Chandrakant Sheth


Himanshuu Sheth has been working as a professional commercial photographer for a decade now. He graduated majoring in Scientific Photography from TAFE Australia, in 1997. After finishing his studies, he backpacked around Australia, Indonesia, Canada, America, Mexico, UK, & Africa before finally coming back to Mumbai in 1998 & starting his professional career. His extensive travel helped him understand & absorb various, cultures, places & people, & that has been instrumental in his unique style of work. He has been conducting workshops with AVID Learning for over 3 years now and continues to bring new perspectives and directions to our photography workshops.

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Himanshuu Sheth Photosafaaris
Himanshuu Sheth Photosafaaris

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Art and Aesthetics of Black and White Photography

Art and Aesthetics of Black and White Photography

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