Sit Down Ashish Feat. Ashish Vidyarthi

Performing Arts
Saturday, 25th May 2024
From 7:30pm to 8:45pm (IST)
Rs. 499/- onwards


Ashish Vidyarthi is coming up with his 1st ever 50+ Stand-Up Comedy Special - `Sit Down Ashish.`

It’s a tongue-in-cheek take on his life, from Delhi to the ‘city of dreams’ - Mumbai, a journey which over the last 30 years has taken him across the country, doing more than 300 films across 11 languages. This show celebrates his victories and collapses with equal candour...

In a world where we take life too seriously, he loves to live the way he does, with his weight, gait, and burps and when people say, "Sit Down Ashish," he says that`s a great idea, and takes it on as the title of the show.

Welcome to an evening of anecdotes from films, life, and dreams... To a place where there is no age bar... So ho befikr aur hasle meray yaar.

Come with your family and friends and Have a laugh at him at your own expense!

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Ashish Vidyarthi

Ashish Vidyarthi


Ashish Vidyarthi is an Indian actor who predominantly works in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, Odia, Marathi and Bengali films. He is noted for his antagonist and character roles. In 1995, he received the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for Drohkaal. He has also received several awards including a Filmfare Award South along with nominations for two Filmfare Awards.   Ashish has worked in 11 languages in over 300 films. He is the co-founder and curator of AVID MINER Conversations, which are interactive modules customized for organizations.   Currently, he has a YouTube channel with over one million subscribers and he often vlogs about food.    

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Royal Opera House, Mumbai
Royal Opera House, Mumbai


The Art of Storytelling in Stand-up Comedy

Stand-up comedy is much more than a collection of jokes—it’s an art form grounded in storytelling, connecting with the audience, and crafting punchlines that resonate. Comedians like Jerry Seinfeld emphasize the importance of narrative in comedy, demonstrating how a memorable joke can be part of a larger, cohesive story. Through personal anecdotes and experiences, comedians create a sense of familiarity, allowing audiences to relate and laugh. The economy of words in a punchline can be all it takes to trigger laughter and leave a lasting impression. As Seinfeld suggests, the best comedy bits stick with audiences, their impact lingering long after the curtain closes.


Observational Comedy

Observational comedy is a genre that transforms ordinary situations and behaviors into comedic gold, spotlighting moments we all encounter but might overlook. Comedians who excel in this style possess a unique ability to turn the mundane into the hilarious, leading audiences to laugh at the familiar. Originating in the 1950s, observational comedy became popular in the United States with pioneers like Shelly Berman paving the way. These comedians cover a wide range of topics, from everyday interactions to complex issues like politics, religion, gender, and race. By injecting humor into their observations, they not only entertain but also invite reflection and challenge societal norms.

Language is the cornerstone of observational comedy, with the choice of words determining whether a joke hits home or misses the mark. The best observational comedians craft their sets with precision, creating humor that resonates deeply with audiences. Beyond simply eliciting laughter, these comedians play a vital role in easing tension and fostering better mental health, demonstrating the therapeutic power of humor to bring lightness and relief into our lives.

Sketch Comedy

Sketch comedy consists of short, fast-paced comedic scenes or skits. With its roots in Vaudeville, sketch comedy is all about delivering a punchy comedic premise quickly, typically with a beginning, middle, and end that follow a heightening arc. Various types of sketch comedy cater to different themes and styles.

Political sketches focus on current political events, often lampooning politicians or government decisions. Genre Parody Sketches playfully use the stylistic elements of movie or TV genres, such as film noir, action, or horror, and infuse them into everyday scenarios to create humor. Commercial Parodies mimic popular commercials or advertising campaigns with a twist, turning familiar pitches into comedy. Musical parodies employ song lyrics and melodies to spoof well-known music or genres, resulting in laughter-inducing send-ups of popular tunes.

The Joy of Stand-up Comedy: Where Entertainment Meets Connection

Stand-up comedy brings a wide range of benefits, not just for those on stage but also for the audiences who attend the shows. For new comedians, stepping into the spotlight offers an exhilarating experience that builds confidence and hones public speaking skills. The relaxed setting of comedy clubs creates an inviting atmosphere where newcomers can break out of their shells and develop their unique comedic voice.

Performing stand-up comedy sharpens a comedian's quick thinking, as they must craft engaging stories and deliver punchlines that captivate audiences. Beyond the benefits for performers, stand-up comedy is a source of entertainment that eases stress and spreads joy through shared laughter. It provides a unique platform for tackling life’s challenges with humor, encouraging discussions on socio-cultural and political topics in a lighthearted manner.




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