Miracle - A Performance by St Petersburg State Theatre of Song and Dance

Performing Arts
Music, Dance
Tuesday, 26th September 2023
From 7:00pm to 8:30pm (IST)


Government of St.Petersburg, Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai, Russian House in Mumbai, Moroshka Theatre, Avid Learning and Royal Opera House, Mumbai present "Miracle - A Performance by St Petersburg State Theatre of Song and Dance" 

After touring 25 countries worldwide, The Russian National Show, will be performed for the first time in India. A traditional concert of Russian national songs and dances by 25 artists from St Petersburg accompanied by a live orchestra with Russian folk instruments such as a concert Balalaika.

Experience a historical musical evening, of colourful sights and sounds from the motherland that promises to leave an indelible impression in the soul of every person!



Miracle - A Performance by St Petersburg State Theatre of Song and Dance
Miracle - A Performance by St Petersburg State Theatre of Song and Dance
Miracle - A Performance by St Petersburg State Theatre of Song and Dance
Miracle - A Performance by St Petersburg State Theatre of Song and Dance


Consulate General of Russian Federation in Mumbai
Consulate General of Russian Federation in Mumbai
Russian House in Mumbai
Russian House in Mumbai
Moroshka Russian  Theatre
Moroshka Russian Theatre
Royal Opera House, Mumbai
Royal Opera House, Mumbai

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Origins of Russian Folk Music

This genre of music is said to have its roots in the 9th century. During that period the Slavic people migrated and settled at Kievan Rus, these included a variety of ethnic groups. Each of these groups has their style of music with different characteristics. Since instruments were not widespread among the masses, Russian folk music evolved in vocal form in earlier times. It is also said that the use of instruments was prohibited in the 16th century, and the ban was officially lifted only when the USSR outlawed the Russian Orthodox Church. Eventually, Russian music adapted to pop tunes with modern instruments and performances with folk dance and traditional costumes.


Types of Russian Dances

Russian dance forms are diverse with a variety in music, movements, songs, and the number of dancers. The Russian style in these diverse folk dances is a common point of connection. Khorovod dance is one of the most famous Russian dances, which involves people moving around in a circle and holding hands. Russian Plyaska is a dance performed during festive occasions and large market events and it involves movements like squats, claps, and taps. ‘Barynya’ meaning landlady is another interesting and joyful Russian dance that evolved from a parody of a conflict between a landlady and her serf. With its roots in the royal French court, the Russian Quadrille came to Russia in the 18th century with depictions of European dress, manners, and court ceremonies into a folk dance.


Russian Dance Costumes

Each dance form has a specific combination of Russian traditional dresses and they differ from region to region. These Russian folk costumes are colorful and extremely detailed. The Safaran was a dress very popular in many parts of Russia that was decorated with bright ornaments, blouses, and headpieces with stylized embroidery. Kokoshnik is a headpiece worn by married women. The costumes worn by men were comparatively simpler and they included a white or red colored embroidered shirt. Sometimes they wore woven ornamental belts and the popular Russian Kosovorotka is said to have a collar fastening on the left side.

Balalaika - the most Russian-sounding instrument

The name of the instrument, balalaika is said to have its origins associated with words like ‘to talk’, and ‘to babble’. In earlier times the musicians would babble a few folk lyrics as they played the balalaika, this was a day-to-day leisure activity for the peasants. There are 7 different types of Balalaikas. In 1889 at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, Russia demonstrated a combination of achievements in the field of agriculture and science and they also organized a unique Russian Folk orchestra concert, which led to Balalaika’s introduction to the world soon becoming a world famous Russian instrument. There are many other famous Russian instruments like Domra, Gusli, Accordions, Svistulka (Whistle), Buben, Lozhki (spoons), Treshchotka, Dudka, and Drova.

Come experience the magic of Russian folk music and dance at the Royal Opera House with Miracle- A Performance by St. Petersburg State Theatre of Song and Dance.

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