The World Through Your Lens

Visual Arts
Saturday, 1st September 2012
From 10:00am to 5:00pm (IST)
Earth to sky Photography, New Great Eastern Mill Compound, 25/29 Dr Ambedkar Road, Byculla East, Mumbai - 400025.


Theory Session:
* Understanding your Digital SLR camera
* Optical zoom v/s Digital zoom
* Understanding Megapixels
* Understanding Aperture & Shutter
Getting the right exposure
Shooting format (RAW, jpegs)
Getting Sharp Pictures
Keeping the Horizon straight
Seeing & understanding Light
Basics of Composition

Practical Session :
Taking pictures keeping in mind the below topics:
Filling the frames
Frames within frames
Photographs depicting linears
Photographs depicting shapes
Rule of thirds

Interactive Session :
Downloading, saving & basic editing
* Review of photographs taken


Himanshu Seth

Himanshu Seth

Professional Commercial Photographer

Himanshu Seth has been working as a professional commercial photographer for a decade now. He graduated majoring in Scientific Photography from TAFE Australia, in 1997. After finishing his studies, he backpacked around Australia, Indonesia, Canada, America, Mexico, UK, and Africa before finally coming back to Mumbai in 1998 and starting his professional career. His extensive travel helped him understand and absorb various, cultures, places and people, and that has been instrumental in his unique style of work. He is a very simple and clean person and his work reflects that same simplicity. Himanshu has also been very keen on giving back to his profession and in his small way tries to make a difference by way of teaching and taking guest lectures. He teaches at Girish Mistry's Shari Academy and from time to time takes a few classes for NIFT.

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