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Friday, 30th November 2012
to Monday, 3rd December 2012

From 10:30am to 5:30pm (IST)
Satyasai School, Vadinar


Vedic Mathematics Formulas and Concepts for Easy and Accurate calculation

Multiple - Methods & Tricks for High SPeed Calculation with the World's Fastest Mental Math System

Magical tool for one line answers for all questions

Learn Maths the fun way - increase concentrartion and interest

Application of Vedic Maths in all walks of life


Dr. Balchandra Awadhoot Naik

Dr. Balchandra Awadhoot Naik

Yoga and Vedi Mathematics Teacher

Dr.  Balchandra Awadhoot Naik, a M.E.-Civil, Structural, D.B.M, a National Merit Scholarship holder, a Senior Lecturer at  Structural Eng. Dept, V.J.T.I., Mumbai. Vice–Chairman,  Mumbai Grahak Panchayat, a Yoga Teacher at Yoga Vidya Niketan. Have won the State Award -Best Teacher, thought Vedic Mathematics to more than 5000 students so far, He has delivered talks in schools, colleges, social organizations, on A.I.R., & Television channels. He has written series of articles In Science Today, Maharashtra Times, Science Reporter -magazine and several other magazines on topics related to consumer Issues, Yogic Practices, Vedic Mathematics, and Management.

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