The World Through Your Lens - Beginner's Digital Photography Workshop

Visual Arts
Workshops / Masterclass
Friday, 7th June 2013
From 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (IST)
Essar House, Equinox Business Park, Off Bandra Kurla Complex, LBS Marg, Mumbai - 40007.


At the core of photography is how to develop an individual perspective; a skill to capture things around, see them differently and frame them unqieuely. Thie workshop blends techniques from the medium of visual art with the technogoly of digital phtography to go beyond conventional ways of observing, comprehending and believing, to create truly stunning visuals.

Theory Session
Introducing different photography genres
Art of observation: observe elements in our habitat that otherwise go unnoticed.
Elements of design: learn to use elements of design to effectively make your picture.
Principles of design: learn to use principle of design to effectively make your picture.
Compositions:  relationship of elements in an image with each other and within the frame.
Angles:  exploring the subject/object from different angles.
Different View: if a picture is taken from different view and perspective it can create a great impact in the image.
Creating depth in the picture: learn many ways to create visual depth in the picture.
Understanding spaces: Understanding spaces and how to use it to your advantages while shooting.
Different types of Lighting: Learn to shoot in different day and night lighting condition to get good quality pictures.
Exposure Triangle: Understanding the relation of Exposure Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO  

Interactive Session
Critical Appreciation of the pictures submitted


Jatan Atara

Jatan Atara

Photographer and Digital mix media coach

Jatan Atara is a versatile, innovative photographer and a digital mix media coach. He has an eye to capture the gamut of feelings written on the human face and freeze emotions, moments, subjects which makes him an excellent portrait, fashion, travel, documentary and fine art photographer & coach.         Jatan believes “that an aesthetically pleasing visual is much more than just taking a picture. Through the medium of visual art, its unique realism gives me the power to go beyond conventional ways of observing, comprehending and believing.” With a bachelorette in Mass Media (Advertising)from Khalsa College, he has specialized in photography under the Shari Academy, Mumbai.   Jatan’s proficiency lies in Photography, Digital art as well as Training.  His valued clientele swear by his work and admire him for the unique touch he brings to their work.  While people trained under Jatan have always come back for newer courses and is hugely recommended to others. A regular columnist at Robin Age he writes about photography & digital art with his expertise in the business since 5 years.  His works have also been covered by Mid-day and has written for DNA newspapers.

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