Preserving Memories - Archiving Photographs workshop

Visual Arts
Workshops / Masterclass
Saturday, 4th May 2013
From 10:00am to 5:00pm (IST)
Anemos Krishna House, 2nd Floor, Raghuvanshi Estate, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013.
1500, For Students - 1200


A hands-on workshop on archiving photographs concluding with a visit to Reproscan's printing and scanning facility. Dig up your old albums and bring them to the workshop. Help us help you relive the past.

History of Photography
Portraits and family albums
Evolution of formats and the medium
The need to preserve and archive
The hidden stories and family histories
Sharing the visual histories
The art of digitizing, archiving and preservation of the visual histories


Aditya Arya

Aditya Arya

Photographer, Collector & Trustee, India Photo Archive Foundation

Aditya Arya, eminent commercial and travel photographer, began professional photography in 1980 after graduating in history from St Stephens College, Delhi University. In addition to his extensive commercial and travel work, he has been widely published by travel magazines and book publishers, among many includes The Land of the Nagas, published by Mapin. His work can also be seen in the exhibition catalogues of Tejas and The Golden Age of Classical India: The Gupta Empire published respectively in Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France). A committed documenter of culture and heritage for the past thirty years, he has curated many shows nationally and internationally of archival and contemporary photography. Over the last couple of years, he has also been completely immersed in the subject and practice of photographic conservation. Uncovering the historic photographic works, pouring over thousands of negatives and vintage prints from the famous KULWANT ROY COLLECTION, honing his skills and knowledge on preservation, restoration and archiving, he has played a pivotal role in the formation of India Photo Archive Foundation. While actively pursuing his professional advertising and commercial assignments, he divides his time in his photography archive and the only Photography and Camera Museum in India with more than 300 rare and iconic cameras and other equipments tracing the history of photography from 1870’s to the Digital Era. He is also a  Director at  Apex – Academy for Photographic Excellence, besides being a guest faculty at JAMIA  ,Institute of Mass Communication.

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