Travel Writing

Workshops / Masterclass
Saturday, 10th August 2013
to Sunday, 11th August 2013

From 10:00am to 5:00pm (IST)
Essar House, 11 K. K. Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 400034.


The travel writing workshop is aimed at beginners with professional writing experience, as well as journalists and writers who wish to enter travel writing. Content is practical and designed to get you into print our travels into guides for others and also stories and memories for achives You love to travel, don't you? And then you come home and you're dying to tell others about it. This workshop will put you on that road. You will learn to write about travel so that your readers are dying to relive your journeys with you. You will learn that the most fascinating trips are in your mind, as you write. And then you'll really travel!


Dilip D'Souza

Dilip D'Souza

Writer, Journalist and Occasional activist

Dilip D'Souza is a writer, journalist and occasional activist. He writes on social and political issues, travel and current affairs, and also writes a well-known mathematics column for Mint. Dilip has written three books ("Branded by Law", "The Narmada Dammed", "Roadrunner") and has essays in a number of anthologies. Some of his longer essays include "House in a Slum? You Can't Afford It" (Washington Post, on housing concerns in Mumbai), "Major Habib Ahmed's Journey From Pakistan to India" (Forbes India, about a Pakistani major's return to India after 62 years), "A Few Good Doctors" (Fountain Ink magazine, on rural health in Chhattisgarh) and "Get to the Top" (Caravan magazine, on the coaching class phenomenon in Kota, Rajasthan). He has won several prestigious awards for his writing, including the Statesman Rural Reporting Award, the Times of India/Red Cross prize, the TimeOut Travel Writing Award, the Sanctuary Magazine prize and the Outlook/Picador nonfiction prize for his essay "Ride Across The River" (about an Army officer killed in action in Kashmir, examining patriotism through his example). His article about two young engineers was one of the inspirations for the movie Swades. He has written for most major publications in India and several abroad. Dilip has a BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BITS Pilani) and a MS in Computer Science from Brown University in the USA. He studied and worked as a software engineer in United States from 1981 to 1992 when he returned to India to write full time.

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