Appreciating Indian Classical Music: Classical | Contemporary | Continuum

Performing Arts
Saturday, 26th September 2020
From 5:00pm to 6:30pm (IST)


Widely regarded as one of the finest art forms in the world, Indian Classical Music is a performing arts tradition filled with subtle nuances and intricate complexities. Understanding the fascinating traditions and facets associated with this unique art-form requires sensitivity, skill and knowledge. Royal Opera House, Mumbai and Avid Learning present an absorbing live session – led by Co-Founder, ArtLinks Learning Sadhana Rao – which will help you develop your ear for this immersive art-form. This program will be presented as a part of a virtual week #MusicAppreciationWeek: Celebrating the Enduring Legacies, Traditions and Cultures of Indian Music will take a closer look at Indian Music through the ages and its significant influences on various genres, styles and personalities in the sphere of Western Music.


Highlights Include:

·         Introduction to Indian Classical Music – Origins, history and legacy + associated cultures and traditions spanning millennia

·         Evolution and spread of the art-form across generations

·         Various genres and the unique features of each – Folk, Carnatic and Hindustani

·         Musical Elements – Raags and Taals + Sonic Landscape of ‘Swar’ and ‘Sur’

·         Musical Expressions – Vocal and Instrumental

·         Practitioners and Artists – How their identities shape and influence their craft

·         Symbiotic relationship between music, artiste and audience

·         Blending of Classical and Popular Music – Illustrative examples from Indian Film Music

·         Contemporizing the art form – Innovations in recording and technology

·         Tips on how to build an ear and appreciation for Indian Classical Music

 Join us to learn more about the defining musical aspects and multi-layered artistic and cultural traditions associated with Indian Classical Music!

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Sadhana Rao

Sadhana Rao

Co-Founder, ArtLinks Learning

Sadhana Rao is a research-led writer and curator in the Arts & Culture area. She has written on Travel, Socio-Economics, Literature, Film festivals & Music for leading newspapers and Journals such as The Hindu, The Economic Times, Deccan Chronicle, Tehelka, Housecalls, Shruti etc. As a curator of Music & Arts Intelligence segments at conferences, Sadhana has worked with artists across music genres from Western Classical ensembles to Hindustani & Carnatic Classical performers to weave narrative backed lecture demonstrations that break down fundamental elements of music. She has curated Music & Arts segments at educational conferences, Think Fest, EO Summits, Corporate Annual Offsites etc. Her academic conclaves weave music pedagogy with performances featuring India’s most followed artists in Music, Dance & Art. Continuing her volunteering at SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth), since her days at Miranda House and Delhi School of Social Work she has participated in a number of programs that have taken Gurus and Masters in the Arts to intersect with students in schools and colleges. As a passionate believer in the concept that art knows no hierarchies, Sadhana, a Music & Arts Education entrepreneur, co-Founded Art Links Learning, which over seven years had developed its own pedagogy and delivery methodology leveraging the alchemy of Teachers and Technology to drive specific Learning Outcomes through a combination of teacher training systems and teaching aids, learning delivery plans, assessment processes, and an evolving curriculum that suits age and context appropriate Music & Arts intelligence. A Masters in Social Work from Delhi University she honed her research, consulting and execution skills at the Administrative Staff College of India. Living in Bangalore she continues to be a student of the Arts.

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Royal Opera House, Mumbai
Royal Opera House, Mumbai

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