#ShotonMyPhone: Creating Visual Narratives

Films and Photography
Saturday, 27th July 2019
From 10:00am to 4:00pm (IST)
Essar House, 11 K. K. Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 400034.


A quick swipe on any Instagram newsfeed reveals a wealth of images that convey various emotions, moods, narratives, ideas, and opinions - all of which are important elements of storytelling. Avid Learning presents a workshop conducted by Photographer Himanshuu Sheth, who will share insights on the art of taking narrative photos by simply using the technology available at your very fingertips! Join us for an enlightening session that will explore the essentials of smartphone photography and how it can be used as a tool for chronicling experiences by photography enthusiasts, photojournalists and visual storytellers alike.  

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Himanshuu Sheth

Himanshuu Sheth

Professional ,Commercial Photographer

Himanshuu Sheth has been working as a professional commercial photographer for a decade now. He graduated majoring in Scientific Photography from TAFE Australia, in 1997. After finishing his studies, he backpacked around Australia, Indonesia, Canada, America, Mexico, UK, & Africa before finally coming back to Mumbai in 1998 & starting his professional career. His extensive travel helped him understand & absorb various, cultures, places & people, & that has been instrumental in his unique style of work. He has been conducting workshops with AVID Learning for over 3 years now and continues to bring new perspectives and directions to our photography workshops.

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